Who We Are

The TSCM Institute, is currently the only TSCM practitioners’ trade body in existence and has as its members the majority of reputable TSCM practitioners and boasts members from the EU to Australia with growing interest worldwide. TSCMi awards full membership only to practitioners who satisfy technical, operational and ethical criteria indicative of the kind of peer validation common in other such professional bodies.

  • Who

    Established in 2010, by professional TSCM practitioners; the institute endeavours to maintain best practices within the industry, improve standards and educate future practitioners to safeguard the industry.

  • What

    The institute dedicates itself to maintaining standards internationally by creating a code of practise that all its members must adhere to. Admission into TSCMi is not taken lightly and must have a 100% approval rate from the board and members are then awarded an appropriate level of membership.

  • Why

    TSCMi was established to assist those who are procuring TSCM services have a professional body to turn to when they need impartial TSCM advice and guidance or need to ask technical questions related to capability claims made by potential suppliers of TSCM services. TSCMi established national occupations standards in 2010 that members of the industry must perform to and achieve as well as demonstrating their knowledge and understanding.

  • Where

    TSCMi is a niche yet global body. The Institute’s registered address is at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire and administration is based in Bath, Somerset, England. However membership operates internationally and we welcome applicants from all around the world. Activities are spread across government, security services, financial institutions and the high end corporate arena.

Upcoming Training Courses

Progress is Part of the TSCMi Culture

Since its incorporation, what has the TSCM Institute achieved?

  • CPD Facilities

    Continuous professional development is key to effectively developing within the sector. This includes; Knowledge sharing, Professional seminars, Industry development, Expert Witness Training and Health & Safety Training.

  • Knowledge Base

    The Institute brings together an unrivaled TSCM knowledge base, from global counter-measure industry experts all the way through to its diverse member base.

  • Careers

    TSCMi has assisted in furthering careers of those already operating within the industry, as well as providing great learning opportunities and industry advice for those looking to join.

  • Credibility

    The TSCM Institute is a highly respected body that provides a hub where industry expertise can be sought, knowledge shared and credible advice given. The institute provides the perfect forum for professional industry discussion.

  • B-Tech 4

    Working in partnership with Perpetuity Training, the TSCMi has developed a unique eLearning course in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for Security Managers. This 6 month eLearning Accredited Level 4 course will show how effective counter-measures can be identified and applied to mitigate the very real threat of unauthorised surveillance.

  • NOS

    National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify UK standards of performance individuals are expected to achieve in their work, the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to effectively perform their workplace functions. NOS are approved by UK government regulators.

The Benefits of TSCMi to You

TSCMi exists to ensure you deal with a professional. If you think your Intellectual Property or Privacy is under threat. Please get in touch with us in order for us to put you in touch with the most suitable practitioner.