About TSCMi

A Truly Global Body

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) operates within every industry; from large corporations, banks and high net worth individuals, to aviation, yachting and government sectors.

TSCM was established to counter the wide use of electronic eavesdropping devices, better known as bugs. Bugging was widely used in the second world war and all sides maintained TSCM teams. Originally using primitive equipment the practice still exists today. Many people still use electronic eavesdropping devices illegally to invade the privacy or others and the threat is now greater than it ever was before.

With the rise of bugging comes the need for professional TSCM practitioners. The TSCM Institute was set up to create an ethical culture where the ethos is to ensure a high standard of delivery is practiced throughout. TSCMi is constantly raising the standards in order to continuously develop this TSCM operation model.

Our Team

The TSCMi board of directors have huge experience in the delivery of both government and commercial TSCM services, counter-eavesdropping research and development, TSCM equipment development, protective security and information security totalling over 140 years. Made up of active TSCMi Members the board has delivered TSCM solutions in over 100 countries and is fully conversant with all forms of counter-eavesdropping services and solutions and their delivery.

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