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TSCMi Annual Conference 2022

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TSCMi Conference

TSCMi Conference

The TSCMi annual conference for this year has been confirmed with our planned venue in London for the 5th and 6th October 2022.

Attendance is available to Members and their guests, and presenters and exhibitors by invitation only.

There was wide disappointment that the present circumstances resulted in our inability to provide a viable annual conference for the past two years. The institute recognises the resulting impact upon its ability to provide its membership with the invaluable information and guidance the conference is uniquely able to deliver; in particular with regard to the constant evolution of both surveillance and counter-surveillance technology and practice.

Thus, with the help of some of our regular conference contributors, we have published our first annual conference magazine, which is available to all our membership on our Members Private Forum page, with personal copies delivered directly to our Members.

The magazine provides information about new products, developing threats and how to address them, and articles of particular interest to TSCM professional and our wider membership.

The sensitivity of much of the information available through the TSCMi demands that access to it is restricted to our membership. We know that all TSCMi professionals would benefit, both professionally and personally, from such access, and thus would welcome enquiries for membership of the TSCMi from both practising TSCM practitioners and allied professionals.


John CarterTSCMi Annual Conference 2022

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