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Helping the Client find the right TSCM service

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As stated on the Home page of our institute web site, one of our key objectives within the institute is described thus:

“the institute endeavours to maintain best practices within the industry, improve standards and educate future practitioners to safeguard the industry.”

This web site is one of the routes by which we can promote and guide our membership such that they may adhere to a core set of principles as illustrated in our Code of Practice and based upon the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS).

But how does this help those who seek TSCM services? How does the potential client identify a TSCM service provider who will be able to correctly identify the right service to meet the client’s needs?

This institute recognises that there are some very good TSCM service providers out there who will guide their client towards the right service to meet their real needs, guide their client though the process of identifying threats, identify their vulnerability to them, and tailor the TSCM service to address effectively the threat and reduce their vulnerability for the future.

However there are many providers calling themselves TSCM or bug-sweeping companies who would simply conduct a “bug sweep” with inappropriate equipment to match the threat whilst promising the client that any “bugs” present will be found – and since the equipment didn’t detect anything there are no bugs present. The lack of TSCM equipment capability is often coupled with a lack of TSCM knowledge in the so called TSCM team. The less well-informed client may believe they have received the level of service that will protect their assets – sadly the most content person in this situation might well be the eavesdropper!

The institute has long recognised the difficulty TSCM clients face when addressing their concerns regarding the potential risk from eavesdropping and identifying suitable and capable professional TSCM services.

In order to help potential clients the institute has sponsored a TSCM E-learning course specifically for Security Directors and Managers (but may also benefit others in security related roles). As well as describing what is meant by eavesdropping and how it may be countered the course heavily focuses upon how TSCM services may be utilised within the wider security strategy, how the threats, risks and vulnerabilities, and mitigating measures, may be identified, and how to identify and procure the right services from the right TSCM service provider.

The course has four elements. At the end of each element is an assignment that, although fictitious, is based upon a realistic scenario which many in the security profession will have experienced.

Details of the course may be found at:

An additional benefit for those who pass the course will be a waiver of the joining fee and the first year’s membership fee for associate membership of the TSCMi for those who meet the other requisite membership qualifications.

John CarterHelping the Client find the right TSCM service

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